Skyllence – experienced player enters the private jet charter mar


A new, but hugely experienced and innovative player has entered the private and group jet charter market.

Skyllence, a family member of Avia Solutions Group – a leading global aerospace services group with 100 offices and production stations providing aviation services and solutions worldwide – has entered the market, bringing with them a vast network of industry partners and a team of eminently experienced aviation experts.

According to a Skyllence representative, the company’s focus, in a highly competitive market, will be the utilisation of a team of industry professionals who have forged their careers with hands-on experience in every aspect of the aviation industry. Additionally, this vast experience allows Skyllence to focus on its commitment to providing only the highest standards of service and customer care which is often missing in other areas of the industry.

Providing both private and group jet charter flight solutions, Skyllence intrinsically understands the workings of the private charter industry and its connection with the wider aviation industry. This superior understanding allows the team to foresee and overcome even the most complex of client demands, and deliver the necessary results regardless of the intricacy of those requests.

Another difference being quoted by the company is the fact that they, unlike many other private charter companies, as a part of a global leading aerospace services group Avia Solutions Group, Skyllence has access to a diverse range of more than 200 business and corporate aircraft.

Whether for individual or group charters, and regardless of the demands on logistics, numbers of passengers, onboard services, or any other complex request, the experience of the Skyllence team guarantees their undivided attention in resolving every detail no matter how large or small.

According to Skyllence CEO, Linas Dovydenas, “The differences that Skyllence bring to the private and group jet charter market is easily apparent from the collective experience of our teams who minutely and instinctively manage every aspect of our client’s demands. We believe that through the quality of service we provide we are committed to raising the bar and the level of quality being provided right across the entire industry.”

Already, Skyllence team has become the preferred private jet partner for some of the world’s leading stars of stage and screen, international sportspeople, top-tier national and regional football teams, government delegations, and global business leaders. The company cites its dedication to the provision of superior quality services that have earned the respect of many high-net-worth individuals from every walk of life.

According to Linas Dovydenas, “It is exactly because of this vast experience, flexibility, and customer-centric approach that Skyllence can promise to deliver exactly what the client requires.”

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