Taliban in talks with Qatar and Turkey over Kabul Airport management

Now that the United States military has completely withdrawn from Afghanistan, the Taliban are in talks with Qatar and Turkey about the management of Kabul Airport.

The talks are aimed at securing the airport as soon as possible, so that those who wish to leave Afghanistan can do so using commercial flights, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves le Driansaid in an interview with broadcaster France Info on August 31,2021.

“The Security Council resolution about securing the airport must be implemented. There are talks underway with the Qataris and Turks about management of the airport. We must demand that access to the airport is safe,” le Drian said.

Kabul Airport is currently without air traffic control services after the last of the United States’ military planes departed the Afghan capital on August 31,2021, marking the end of its evacuation from the country. 

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