Alaska Airlines rewards vaccinated employees with $200

Angel DiBilio /

A reward for a jab. This is Alaska Airlines’ new incentive in an effort to encourage vaccination among its employees. 

The airline is recognizing its employees who can provide proof of vaccination with a $200 bonus. 

In an online statement, Alaska Airlines said that seventy-five percent of Alaska and Horizon employees are vaccinated. The company acknowledges that this is a great effort, however, they also want the numbers to be better. 

And while vaccinated Alaska employees are rewarded, those who remain unvaccinated are penalized. The airline said that all their unvaccinated employees will undergo a vaccine education program. 

On top of that, Alaska Airlines have stopped special COVID pay for unvaccinated employees who miss work due to exposure or infection.

Effective immediately, all new staff of Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air will be required to be fully vaccinated before being hired. 

The deaths of three Alaska Airlines employees from COVID have spurned the company to act fast and aggressively towards full vaccination. 

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