Air Arabia to help launch Pakistani low-coster Fly Jinnah


Air Arabia Group to form a joint venture with Pakistani Lakson Group, with an intention to launch a new airline in Pakistan.

Fly Jinnah is going to be a low-cost carrier based in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city. Initially it is going to serve domestic destinations within the country, before expanding to include international routes.

According to Air Arabia’s press release, the joint venture is going to start working on obtaining an Air Operating Certificate (AOC) soon, before announcing a launch date, fleet and destination network.

“We are confident that “Fly Jinnah” will add value to the air transport sector of Pakistan and directly contribute to the local economy through job creation and the development of travel and tourism sector,” Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Thani, Chairman of Air Arabia, is quoted in the company’s press release.

Air Arabia has recently been on a streak of launching new ventures in the Middle East and surrounding regions. Despite reporting a massive loss through 2020, the company has launched Air Arabia Abu Dhabi airline together with Etihad Airways, and then announced its intention to help Armenia with its first low-coster. 


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