Passengers to explore the cabin of Airbus A380 via Emirates VR app

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Emirates moved a step forward with its ambitious vision to offer airline customers the opportunity to explore the carrier’s signature Onboard Lounge and the cabin of Airbus A380 wide-body aircraft using virtual reality (VR). 

The Emirates Oculus VR app allows customers not only to take a look into the interior of the A380 jet, but also to engage with other in-flight advantages across the economy, business, and first-class cabins, including the Onboard Lounge and even Shower Spa. The travelers also have an opportunity to virtually get onboard of the Emirates premium economy cabin, which was introduced by the airline at the end of 2020.

In a statement dated September 13, 2021, Emirates outlined that since a lot of people had lost the opportunity to travel for a while due to the ongoing pandemic, the airline seeked to encourage them to rediscover their flight opportunities via advanced web VR technologies on the airline‘s digital platforms.

“In 2018, we were the world’s first airline to introduce advanced web VR technology on our digital platforms, offering our customers an immersive opportunity to learn the Emirates experience that awaited them before they stepped on board,” explained Boutros Boutros, Emirates senior vice president for corporate communications, marketing, and brand.

“We’ve continued to invest and develop that experience, and today we are delighted to be the first airline to launch a fully-fledged Oculus VR app.“ 

The Oculus VR app now allows travelers to check 20 available different cabin configurations of Emirates aircraft fleet simply using their phone or other devices which support an internet connection. In addition to interactive experiences of the Airbus A380 jet, Emirates also offers to explore the 360-degree view of its Boeing 777-300ER cabin interior as well as to take a look into the flight deck, and even navigate through the cabin to a specific seat by using a VR headset. 

“This initiative expands our global reach and ability to engage with our audiences across digital platforms. It is also particularly relevant right now, as many people have not traveled for a while due to the pandemic, and are seeking inspiration and researching and rediscovering their flight options,” Boutros added.

Emirates also disclosed that for future developments it will offer its travelers an ability to explore wanted destinations as well as to book and pay for their chosen flights via the Oculus VR app.

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