Spare parts supply issues and why the middle man is the key


According to JETMS, a global provider of base and line maintenance services for business and regional aircraft, customer satisfaction is a must every step of the way. From communication to aircraft maintenance, to spare parts supply – every client’s need is met with the utmost attention. While this was always the case for the professional JETMS team, Covid-19 has emphasised the importance of business to customer relationships.

During the pandemic, JETMS have noticed a shift in customer behaviour. “As the whole industry was in tough times, clients focused on looking for cost-saving opportunities,” said sales and aviation expert Marius Lukosevicius, Sales Manager at JETMS. “That has especially affected the spare parts market. Clients began looking for spare parts themselves, trying to remove the “middle man” out of the picture. While to some it was the right choice at the time, to others it became a true headache,” he shared his market insights.

According to the industry professional, as of late, the biggest issue in the market was not the pandemic itself, but lead times for components. “Many manufacturers are short of materials for components, causing issues to the supply chain and substantially lengthening the delivery times. Clients that opted to search for parts themselves have faced delays or were not able to find the needed parts. That’s where we come in,” said Marius. “As experts in MRO, we are more than a “middle man” in spare parts supply. Throughout many years in the business, we were able to gather a wide network of trusted partners OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) who are able to assist us in finding the needed materials.”

There are many examples of how this experience has had a direct positive effect on client’s requests. “Sometimes our clients are in need of parts that are unavailable in the market at that time. To less experienced teams this could cause many massive issues. But thanks to our incredible team, we always managed to hunt down even the last available part and deliver it to our client. I believe that moments like that, when our team goes above and beyond to fulfil the request, prove our complete dedication to our business and customers,” Marius commented. “Also, no matter the situation, our 24/7 customer support and deep industry know-how allows our clients to come to us with any issue or question and be sure that we’ll do our all to help them out,” he said.

Unsurprisingly, such dedication does not go unnoticed. “We had an incredible summer this year,” JETMS Sales Manager shared. “This season, our clients had to wait in a queue for a spot at our hangars. We feel that this was the result of our continuous hard work and proven quality. This is an amazing evaluation that proves that, with our care, attention and passion for improvement, we are on the right path to becoming the leaders of business and regional aircraft MRO.”

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