Anchorage-based startup carrier Northern Pacific starts building its fleet

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Regional airline Ravn Alaska is launching a new airline called Northern Pacific Airways, and it just bought its first jet, a Boeing 757-200, on September 30, 2021.

Ravn Alaska CEO Rob McKinney told a press briefing reported by several US media outlets that Northern Pacific Airways would provide the first non-stop service from Anchorage to Asia in several decades.

The airline aims to commence service in 2022 from Anchorage, with year-round flights to destinations such as Tokyo, Seoul, Orlando, and Los Angeles.

“From Anchorage, you could go to Tokyo for the weekend,” McKinney said.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) is now the world’s fourth busiest cargo hub, and Northern Pacific’s business plan was inspired by and modeled after the success of ANC.

Because of its strategic location, Anchorage is a regular fuel and crew change stop for jumbo jets flying between Asia and the Lower 48 (continental/mainland USA). 

“We plan to replicate that model with passengers,” McKinney said.

The airline’s first aircraft purchase, a Boeing 757-200, can seat up to 150 passengers.

“We’ll take delivery at the end of this month and then it heads into the shop to get it refreshed and get all of the inspections required,” said McKinney. “From there it heads into the paint shop. We should see the first actual Boeing sitting on the ramp out here in December.”

McKinney says that Northern Pacific has already signed a deal to buy a second 757, and is working with IcelandAir to purchase 10 more jets that will make up the airline’s fleet that would be based out of the North Terminal at ANC.

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