Lattitude Hub, formerly Canarian Airways, renames itself Canarian Airways

Lattitude Hub

Lattitude Hub, a Tenerife-based airline, announced the change of its name to Canarian Airways. The company had been known as Canarian Airways previously, and changed its name to Lattitude Hub in May 2021.

Canarian Airways was established in early 2021 as a subsidiary of Spring Hotels Group. It owns one Airbus A319-100, registered as EC-NMO. The aircraft previously belonged to Atlantic Airways.

Shortly before starting operations in July 2021, the company changed its name into Lattitude Hub. According to, the company said that the new name will “define our essence better, at the same time we become more recognizable”.

The company’s A319, initially painted in Canarian Airways livery, has been repainted with Lattitude Hub logo.

The change back to Canarian Airways was announced on November 11, 2021, on the company’s social media.

“We go back to our roots. How? By maintaining Lattitude Hub as the parent company and Canarian Airways as the brand of our airline,” the firm tweeted.

As for November 12, 2021, the company’s website displays two logos – Lattitude Hub and Canarian Airways – side by side. According to, the next step for the company is securing the approval for the naming rights and repainting the aircraft back to having “Canarian Airways” on its side. 

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