FAA gets winter ready for safe airport operations; releases safety video

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Winter is coming. And the FAA wants to make sure that all airports across the US are armed and ready for the season. 

To help airports and aviation stakeholders get ready for the winter weather, the FAA released a ‘Preparing for Winter Operations’ video as a guideline.

“Airport operations related to snow and ice control can be a complex, dynamic, and demanding endeavor. It requires vigilance and a heightened sense of awareness by all stakeholders. With vehicle drivers operating snow and ice removal equipment working in multiple locations, the airport operator, air traffic controllers and pilots must work in concert with each other to ensure safe operations are achieved,” Birke Rhodes, the FAA’s Manager for Airport Safety and Operations Division, said in the FAA video release announcement.

Rhodes continued: “Therefore, this short video provides airport operators and stakeholders key points of awareness for preparation and operations during winter operations.”

In addition to the safety video, the FAA has granted 100 airports a total of $64.8 million for snow removal equipment in 2021 through its Airport Improvement Program

Some of the snow management and removal equipment include: 

  • Adirondack Regional Airport (SLK) – pavement condition sensors to help the airport determine when it needs to remove snow and ice 

  • Great Falls International Airport (GTF) – construction of a de-icing pad and facilities to keep de-icing materials separate from stormwater

  • Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) – snow removal equipment, sealing the pavement on the taxiway, refreshing the taxiway and taxi lane, as well as making improvements to the taxiway lighting

The full list of FAA airport grants for 2021 can be seen here.

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