‘Slightly damaged’: Russian firm puts crashed SSJ100 on sale online

Investigative Committee of Russia

RAD, a Russian auction house, has put a damaged airliner on a classified advertisements website, hoping to sell a no-longer-airworthy plane. 

The aircraft – a Sukhoi SSJ100, registered as RA-89011 – belonged to Yakutia Airlines. According to Planespotters.net, it was delivered in 2012, although the advertisement lists it as “manufactured in 2008”.  

In October 2018, during a landing at Yakutsk Airport (YKS) the aircraft suffered a runway excursion which led to a landing gear collapse. Later investigation revealed that incorrect ATC data was to blame.

Several passengers were hospitalized with light injuries. Russian aviation news website Aviation21.ru reports that the aircraft sustained vertical acceleration of 4.39 G at the moment of impact with a concrete structure at the end of the runway. According to Aviation Safety Network, an investigation revealed significant damage to the aircraft’s fuselage and landing gear, as well as fuel leak. The aircraft was deemed damaged beyond repair, and had to be written off. 

It is unclear how the airframe found its way to the hands of the RAD auction house. The advertisement was created on November 15, 2021, on Avito.ru website. According to the RAD profile, the company also offers over 130 cars and trucks of various models, and has a rating of 1.7 stars out of 5.

The advertisement for the SSJ 100 says that the aircraft is in an emergency condition, and cannot be restored to flyable condition. Numerous low-quality photos reveal the extent of the damage, including bent landing gear struts and mangled sections of the skin.

The listed price is 77,248,334 Russian rubles, or slightly over $1 million. The location is marked as Yakutsk, and no information in regards to shipping is provided.

SSJ100 for sale
‘Sukhoi Superjet aircraft 
100RRJ95B. 77,248,334 rubles’. Advertisement on Avito.ru.

The Sukhoi SSJ100, also known as Sukhoi Superjet and Superjet 100, is a regional airliner introduced in 2011. The aircraft can carry between 87 and 103 passengers and has a maximum range of 4,578 kilometers (2,472 nautical miles).

Yakutia Airlines currently has 5 SSJ100s in its inventory, although – according to Radarbox data – only 2 aircraft are currently active. 

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