China Airlines receives its first Airbus A321neo


Taiwanese carrier, China Airlines, expands its fleet after taking delivery of its first Airbus A321neo aircraft. 

China Airlines’ Airbus A321neo aircraft has a typical two class seating with a capability to carry 180 passengers, including 12 in premium business class and 168 in economy class. The aircraft has a maximum range of 7,400 kilometers and a speed of Mach 0.82 (1005 kilometers per hour), according to Airbus. 

In the press statement dated November 29, 2021, China Airlines announced: “The A321neo’s fuel efficiency is 15 to 20% better than that of the previous generation of narrow body aircraft.” 

Currently, China Airlines has a total of 86 aircraft in its fleet, according to The airline’s fleet comprises 23 Airbus A330s, 18 Boeing 747s, 17 Boeing 737s, 14 Airbus A350s, 13 Boeing 777s, and one Airbus A321neo aircraft.  

The airline’s brand-new Airbus A321neo is equipped with the latest in-flight entertainment system, new HEPA air filters, contactless and sensor-activated taps in lavatories, high-speed in-flight WIFI with the possibility of free text messaging on seven apps, including Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Apple iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber and Line2. 

China Airlines' Airbus A321neo economy cabin

Photo credit: China Airlines

The new aircraft will be deployed on the airline’s routes to North America, Southeast Asia, and cross-strait routes to Mainland China. However, before being deployed, the aircraft will be inspected by the Taiwanese civil aviation authorities and go through the certification process, according to the carrier.  

China Airlines' Airbus A321neo economy cabin

Photo credit: China Airlines

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