Pratt & Whitney unveils updated engine for A320neo

Pratt & Whitney

American aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney introduced its newly updated GTF Advantage engine, with decreased fuel consumption and emissions. It is expected that the GTF Advantage engine will be available for Airbus A320neo family jets in January 2024. 

“We always said our geared fan architecture has a long runway for growth and future development, and the GTF Advantage demonstrates this,” said Tom Pelland, senior vice president of GTF Engines at Pratt & Whitney.  

The new engine configuration decreases fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 17% compared to older generation GTF engines. That equates to an additional 1% fuel consumption reduction compared to the current existing GTF configuration. 

In addition, the engine can be used with 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Current generation engines are only certified to operate with 50% SAF. 

“Our gear system, and the overall engine architecture it enables, are foundational to unlock the benefits of advanced aerodynamics, materials and systems. We are committed to continuing to invest in these technologies for the next generation of commercial aircraft,” Pelland added.  

The GTF Advantage will be interchangeable with older generation GTF engines that are already powering Airbus A320neo aircraft. 

According to Pratt & Whitney, GTF engines power more than 1,100 aircraft at 58 airlines and across three aircraft families: Airbus A320neo, Airbus A220, and Embraer E2 jets.

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