Swiss Air Lines temporarily suspends Hong Kong flights over quarantine rules

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The flag carrier of Switzerland, Swiss Air Lines, announced that it is suspending its flights from Zurich to Hong Kong temporarily. 

The airline’s temporary flight suspension will affect four Zurich to Hong Kong flights from December 4, 2021, to December 11, 2021. Swiss Air will review its decision once more on December 11.

A representative of Swiss Air told local news that the decision, which was made on December 4, 2021, was made after careful consideration in response to a tightening of the local quarantine provisions for crew members arriving in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong recently added four more countries and nations, Chile, the Cook Islands, Luxembourg and Romania, to its list of “Group A” high-risk zones over the detection of the new Omicron variant.

Switzerland is currently under the same group. 


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Hong Kong’s quarantine rules require aircrew who are not fully vaccinated to complete a 21-day quarantine before they can fly again.

Even Hong Kong’s local carrier is not spared. ​​Cathay Pacific crew members returning from high-risk places are subject to at least 14 days of quarantine in a designated hotel before they can re-enter the community.


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