Kentucky tornado destroys hangars, planes at Danville-Boyle Airport

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The tornado that ripped through Kentucky on December 11, 2021 has destroyed several planes and aircraft hangars at Danville-Boyle Airport (DVK) in Kentucky.   

In a Facebook post, the airport said it was hit by the tornado at approximately 4am local time on December 11.  

“3 of our T-Hangars are leveled. Luckily no one was injured,” the airport said in an initial post, which showed pictures of several planes turned upside down and ripped apart by the tornado. 

In a later update, the airport confirmed no one had been killed or injured. 

 “This was our worst fear upon entering the damage zone this morning, materials can be replaced, the loss of loved ones can’t.” 

DVK also thanked all those who already came to help with the clean-up and said it would be a “vast operation”.  

“This is going to be a massive undertaking moving forward. We will take it one step at a time during our rebuilding stages,” the post said.  

The tornado destroyed everything in its 227-mile (365km) path and 80 deaths have been confirmed so far. The BBC reported Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear as saying the death toll is likely to exceed 100 people.  

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