Got a spare $1.2M? An aerodrome in Spain could be yours

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Looking for something different in the New Year sales? How about an airfield in Spain? 

You’re in luck. Ocana aerodrome in Spain is up for sale by auction, with auction house Escrapalia accepting offers until February 4, 2022. But hopefully Santa brought you some cash for Christmas, because minimum bids are €1.06 million ($1.2 million) 

The aerodrome, to the south of Madrid, features two intersecting runways – RWY 11-29 is paved and 1,280m long, while RWY 17-35 is a dirt strip with a total length of 700m.  

The auctioneers state that the history of the aerodrome dates back to 1962. It is used for general aviation, including flight school training, hot-air balloon flights and parachuting.  

The aerodrome does not have any radio navigation aids and is uncontrolled, making it suitable for visual flight rules flying only. However, it is “very suitable” for flight training, the auctioneers state on their website.  

The site also includes two hangars, a main building with a restaurant and a bar, and, ideal for unwinding after a flight, a swimming pool and gardens.  

Along with general aviation activities, the aerodrome could also be used for gliding, drones, or even as a location for filming, the auction house highlights.  

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