Get Involved | Where is the best airport for planespotting?

We’re looking for the world’s best airport for plane spotting and photography.  Our readers are standing at perimeter fences around the world every day of the year, and to be honest we are jealous of them being there!  So, we want to know where to plan our next trips and to take in the best airports around the world for spotting our favourite aircraft.  And we need your help to identify the top ten airport locations. 

As a part of AeroTime’s planespotting and photography initiative, which began on 1 December, we have set out on this quest and we need experienced spotters and newbies alike, to suggest their favourite airport spotting location. Everyone is invited to join in and share your number one place, whether it is down to the views, access, selection of aircraft or any other criteria, just join in and let us know!   

All you have to do is add a comment below with the IATA code of your favorite airport.  You can add it below this story or by commenting in any of our social media posts.  

Please also remember to ‘like’ any earlier comments if you find an airport you would like to vote for to improve its chances of reaching the top ten.  

In January 2022, we will count all the votes, identify the most popular and most voted for airports, and launch the second phase of our poll to determine the top ten which we will then publish in February – so stay tuned!.  

So, don’t forget to comment below or visit our Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin page and vote for your favorite airport planespotting destination! And while you are there, feel free to write a line or two about what influenced your choice?  

Like, share and comment and don’t forget to tell your friends to get involved.  We are bringing the aviation industry to life through our campaigns and we want everyone to join in! 


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