British Airways aircraft windshield hit by a block of ice mid-air

Markus Mainka /

A British Airways jet suffered a mid-air mishap when a block of ice fell from another plane flying 1,000 feet above the aircraft. The Boeing 777 was cruising at 35,000 feet as it was flying from London to Costa Rica on December 23, 2021 (BA 2237) when the ice struck from above, cracking its windshield. ​​

The pilots were protected by a tough inner glass screen and were able to safely land the plane in San Jose, Costa Rica. The aircraft, however, needed to be repaired upon landing. The San Jose to Gatwick flight (BA 2236) had to be rescheduled the following evening. The airline had planned to get a plane diverted from Jamaica, but this did not go ahead and the flight was further delayed. The 200 stranded passengers arrived in Gatwick shortly before midday on December 26, 2021. Despite the 50-hour delay, the passengers seemed to be in good spirits, cheering when the British Airways crew for their flight to Gatwick finally arrived.

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