Aeroflot A320 carries out late go-around to avoid snowplow at Rostov

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An Aeroflot Airbus A320 had to take last-minute action to avoid a collision with a snowplow at Rostov-on-Don airport (RVI) in Russia.  

The incident, which occurred on December 26, 2021, was detailed by safety reporting website Aviation Herald.  

According to the report, the aircraft, registration VP-BIJ operating as flight SU1156 from Moscow Sheremetyevo was on the verge of landing on Runway 05 at RVI. The aircraft was at 6 feet above the ground when tower told the crew to go-around due to a snowplow that had entered the runway without clearance.  

It is not known where on the runway the snowplow was. If the aircraft was at just 6 feet above the ground, it is likely it would have touched down and then taken off again given the amount of time required for engines to spool up. 

The aircraft returned for a second landing, which was accomplished safely about 11 minutes later, the report said.   

The incident is being treated as a serious occurrence by Rosaviatsia, the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency.  

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