Airbus vs Boeing deliveries 2021: who has the upper hand?

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2021 seemed like a good year for both Airbus and Boeing. Both aircraft manufacturers managed to deliver more aircraft and win more jet orders than in 2020. But which company led the way in 2021? 

In terms of aircraft deliveries, Airbus surpassed Boeing, having delivered over twice the number handled by Boeing, and retained its crown as the world’s largest planemaker for three consecutive years. 

Airbus has achieved its 2021 delivery target, handing 611 aircraft to 88 customers across the world. This was a slight increase compared to 566 deliveries in 2020.  

Airbus’ deliveries comprised 483 Airbus A320s, 55 Airbus A350s, 50 Airbus A220s, 18 Airbus A330s, and five Airbus A380 aircraft.    

Meanwhile, Boeing delivered 340 aircraft in 2021, up from 157 in 2020. 2021 deliveries comprised 263 Boeing 737s, 32 Boeing 767s, 24 Boeing 777s, 14 Boeing 787s, and seven Boeing 747 aircraft. 

In terms of aircraft orders, Boeing clearly had the upper hand in 2021 when compared with Airbus.  

Boeing has accumulated 909 gross orders (535 net), while Airbus has gained 771 gross orders (507 net) in 2021.  


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