Romanian start-up airline Air Connect to launch flights in May

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Romanian start-up airline Air Connect plans to launch flights with an ATR72-600 turboprop in May 2022. 

The carrier will commence regional operations with an initial network consisting of flights between Bucharest and several less-favored airports across the country such as Arad (ARW), Baia Mare (BAY), Craiova (CRA), Oradea (OMR), Sibiu (SBZ) and Tirgu Mures (TGM).  

According to local media, the start-up company also aims to enter the international market by offering flights to Istanbul (IST), Munich (MUC), Tirana (TAI), Varna (VAR) and Vienna (VIE).  

With regards to seasonal flights, the Bucharest-based carrier eyes passenger services between regional airports in Romania to Croatia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Turkey and Ukraine. 

“Our ambitions are to become one of the most significant turboprop operators in the region. Founded by skilled people with significant knowledge and experience in the field of commercial aviation, handling, maintenance and travel industry, Air Connect is scheduled to start its flight operations beginning of the Summer 2022 season,” the carrier notes in an overview on its Linkedin page. 

As the airline was only established at the end of 2021, it is yet to receive an airline operating certificate (AOC). However, it has been revealed that the newcomer’s initial fleet will consist of ATR 72-600 aircraft. 


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