LOT Embraer E195 makes emergency landing in Dusseldorf due to decompression

Bene Riobo / Wikimedia Commons

A LOT Polish Airlines Embraer ERJ-195 regional passenger jet suffered a cabin decompression issue during a flight, forcing the aircraft to perform an immediate emergency landing in Dusseldorf, Germany.  

During the afternoon of January 24, 2022, the Embraer ERJ-195, registered as SP-LND, experienced a loss of cabin pressurization when the jet was operating a regular daily flight LO-233 connecting Poland and Belgium. According to the flight history, found on Flightradar24.com, the aircraft took off from Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) at 4.42 p.m. (UTC) and was scheduled to land at Brussels Airport (BRU) at 6.40 p.m. (UTC). However, the aircraft did not make it that far.  

As the aircraft was cruising at 34,000 ft (FL340) over the East of Dusseldorf, the flight crew squawked emergency code 7700 and informed the Air Traffic Control (ATC) about an emergency on board. The issue was caused by cabin decompression, meaning that the aircraft had experienced a reduction of atmospheric pressure inside the cabin. Oxygen masks were deployed in the cabin which were then put on by passengers.  

Any delay in commencing the descent to a safe breathing altitude may increase the risk for health to both crew and passengers, so the flight crew immediately performed an emergency descent to a safe altitude of 10,000 ft (FL100). Then, pilots diverted the jet to Dusseldorf and made a safe landing at DUS airport approximately 40 minutes after beginning its descent. 

Fortunately, no injuries or further incidents have been reported. 


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