Spain receives its first upgraded Chinook CH-47F helicopter

Boeing has delivered the Spanish Army’s first remanufactured CH-47 Chinook helicopter at the headquarters of the Spanish Army Airmobile Forces in Colmenar Viejo, Madrid.

The aircraft is the first of 17 that will modernize the Spanish Chinook fleet, upgrading their existing CH-47D-model aircraft to the newer CH-47F model.

The plan for Boeing to upgrade all 17 of Spain’s CH-47D Chinook helicopters to the F-model configuration was first announced in January 2019. 

The CH-47F is an advanced multi-mission helicopter that contains a fully integrated, digital cockpit management system, Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS) Cockpit and advanced cargo-handling capabilities.

“We are pleased to celebrate this major milestone with the Spanish Army,”Heather McBryan, director of Business Development for Boeing Cargo Helicopters and Future Vertical Lift programs said in a statement. 

“The Chinook continues to exceed our customers’ expectations and the F-model will provide Spain with an advanced and reliable aircraft from delivery through sustainment.”

Other countries across Europe have also upgraded to the CH-47F Chinook model. 

The Netherlands recently retired its last CH-47D Chinook in favor of the F-model configuration, while the United Kingdom purchased additional aircraft to upgrade its fleet.

“The Chinook is a versatile aircraft flown by eight NATO nations, including Spain,” said Chuck Dabundo, vice president, Cargo and Utility Helicopters and H-47 program manager. 

“With this contract, Spain’s Chinook crews will enjoy the platform’s current technology and capability, while the country gets an affordable upgrade that builds on its existing H-47 investment.”

In addition to the U.S. Army and Special Operations Forces, Chinooks are currently in service or under contract with 19 international defense forces. It can fly at speeds exceeding 175 mph and carry payloads greater than 21,000 lbs.


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