SQ and Airbus finalize purchase agreement for 7 A350F freighter aircraft

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Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) has finalized a purchase agreement with Airbus for seven A350F freighter aircraft at the Singapore Airshow. 

The order firms up the Letter of Intent (LOI) that the airline signed in December 2021 with Airbus for seven A350F aircraft, with options for a further five. The new A350F aircraft will replace the carrier’s existing 747-400F fleet from the fourth quarter of 2025.  

The purchase agreement was signed at the Singapore Airshow on February 16, 2022 by Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choong Phong, and Airbus chief commercial officer and head of international Christian Scherer. 

“This order underscores the importance of the cargo market to the SIA Group. The introduction of the A350F will enhance our capabilities in this key sector, ensuring that we are ready for the growth opportunities that will arise in the coming years,” Goh said in a statement. 

“These new-generation aircraft will substantially increase our operating efficiencies and reduce our fuel burn, making an important contribution towards the success of our long-term decarbonisation goals.”


image source: airbus.com

“Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY) is the world’s largest operator of the A350 and is now set to become the first to fly the all-new freighter variant,” said Airbus chief commercial officer and head of international Christian Scherer. 

“The A350F will fit seamlessly into the carrier’s existing fleet, while redefining the operational efficiency of its cargo operations, bringing a 40% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions compared with the aircraft it will replace at SIA, while offering the same payload-carrying capacity and longer range. Consumer patterns have changed dramatically in recent times, generating increased demand for the swift transport of cargo by air.” 

During the pandemic, many airlines had turned to freight, which proved to generate income when passenger numbers have gone down. The industry is hopeful that increasing demand for e-Commerce will help keep demand for air freight strong over the next few years.  

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