British Airways initiates service for travelers with hidden disabilities

British Airways is officially starting a service and support initiative for customers and passengers with hidden disabilities. 

In partnership with Hidden Disabilities Sunflower, an organization that provides support for people with non-visible disabilities, British Airways staff will be provided training to understand what invisible disability is and how to become more confident to approach and support customers.

Under the initiative, customers can choose to wear a Sunflower lanyard as a subtle indication that they may require additional support, assistance, or simply a little more time while traveling. 

British Airways said it is the first UK airline to formally recognize the Sunflower.  This should also increase the awareness of non-visible disabilities. The initiative is in line with the airline’s BA Better World program,and its commitment to put diversity, inclusion and sustainability at its core.

“Almost half a million customers who require additional assistance fly with British Airways each year,” British Airways’ director of brand and customer experience Tom Stevens said in a statement. 

“As well as being supported at over 130 airports globally, people with non-visible disabilities wearing the Sunflower will now be supported on British Airways flights,” ​​Paul White, CEO of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower said.


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