Airbus inaugurates new pilot training campus; 11 cadets hired by Volotea

Airbus Flight Academy Europe (AFAE), a 100% subsidiary of European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, has inaugurated a new pilot training campus, in Angouleme, South-West France.

Airbus also confirmed during the inauguration on March 2, 2022 that eleven pilot cadets from the flight academy have been recruited by Barcelona-based airline Volotea. Currently in the final stages of their pilot training, the Airbus cadets will join Volotea and fly as commercial airline pilots from April-May 2022.

The cadets were on the Airbus Ab-Initio Training Programme which was launched in 2019.  The program aims for cadets, with little or no flying experience, to become “operationally-ready pilots”, focusing on the development of key pilot technical and behavioral competencies.  

“This is a very important day for Volotea, as we are taking cadets directly from the Airbus Flight Academy Europe for the first time. We’re all very excited by it as we know the programme quality is of a very high standard, adapting perfectly to Volotea´s training philosophy,” Carlos Muñoz, CEO of Volotea said in a statement. 

“Our company keeps on growing year after year our Airbus fleet, and we’re going to be needing many more pilots. We certainly hope this is the beginning of a very successful long-term partnership with the Airbus Flight Academy benefiting many young pilots.”

The Airbus’ site in Angouleme is the first flight school to deliver the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme in Europe. The new campus provides  increased capacity, meaning  up to 200 pilot cadets can be trained at the same time.

The site spans 4.7 hectares and includes a new building of approx. 3200 square meters, which will be dedicated to the training of aspiring pilots with 14 classrooms and briefing rooms, a simulator hall, an auditorium and a restaurant.

The Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Program is open to high school graduates worldwide over 18 years of age. Candidates undergo online and on-site screening tests before being selected  for training, which includes 750+ hours of ground school, plus 200 hours of practical (flight and simulator) training.


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