ANA Holdings unveils new low-cost airline AirJapan, discloses launch date


ANA Holdings (ALNPY), the parent company of major Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways, unveiled a new airline brand for medium-haul international routes. 

On March 8, 2022, ANA Holdings (ALNPY) revealed the branding for its new subsidiary airline AirJapan, which is due to take-off for its first commercial flight in the second half of 2023.  

It is expected that the newcomer will help ANA to meet emerging trends for international air travel “at a competitive price” post-pandemic, ANA Holdings (ALNPY) explained in an official statement.  

“Our goal is to create a completely new kind of air travel experience that is neither a full-service nor low-cost carrier (LCC), combining the best of both worlds while also featuring Japanese-style ideas and quality,” the statement continued. 

However, ANA Holdings (ALNPY) did not disclose the exact destinations the new airline will serve and is continuing to monitor market recovery alongside passenger demand for international travel.  

“Details of the in-flight specifications and services will be announced at a later date,” the company noted in the statement. 

The brand name ‘AirJapan’ was selected to emphasize that the carrier aims to offer “Japanese Quality” services, while its logo combines traditional Japanese colors, indigo and sunrise.  

“The indigo color expresses the skills and careful technique involved in the traditional Japanese art of indigo dyeing, a complex process which requires trust and thoughtfulness from the artisan. The sunrise color was inspired by the spring season of Japan and represents comfortable warmth to demonstrate our commitment to comfort and care,” ANA explained. 

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