Boeing vs Airbus: orders and deliveries February 2022 | Data


Both Airbus and Boeing have announced their orders and deliveries data for February 2022. But which company had the upper hand? 

In terms of aircraft deliveries, Airbus surpassed Boeing, having delivered more than twice the number handled by Boeing. 


Airbus has delivered 49 aircraft to 32 customers. Airbus’ deliveries consisted of 20 Airbus A321neos, 14 Airbus A320neos, six Airbus A350s, four Airbus A220s, three Airbus A330s, and two Airbus A319neo jets. 

Meanwhile, Boeing delivered a total of 22 jets in February 2022. Boeing’s deliveries were made up of 22 Boeing 737 MAXs, one Boeing 777 freighter, and one Boeing 747-8 freighter.  


In terms of aircraft orders, Airbus has also clearly led the way. In February 2022, Airbus scored a total of 113 gross orders, while Boeing won just 37 aircraft orders.  

Airbus’s order book included 50 Airbus A22-300s, 31 Airbus A321neos, 22 Airbus A320neos, seven Airbus A350 freighters, and three Airbus A330 aircraft. 

Boeing has accumulated 32 Boeing 737 MAXs and five Boeing 777 freighters.  

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