Private air forces Top Aces and Blue Air merge

Top Aces

Top Aces and Blue Air Training, two companies that provide various kinds of air combat training, have merged into one. The merger was announced by both companies on March 30, 2022.  

The companies possess large fleets of combat aircraft and use them to provide various kinds of services to NATO militaries. 

Top Aces is a Canadian firm which focuses on adversary air support, meaning that their aircraft imitate the enemy in mock combat during various exercises. Their fleet mostly consists of Dornier Alpha Jet and Douglas A-4 Skyhawk light combat aircraft as well as several business jets modified to perform electronic warfare. In 2020 Top Aces purchased 29 ex-Israeli Air Force General Dynamics F-16A fighter jets that, according to the company, are about to be introduced into their fleet. 

Blue Air Training, headquartered in Las Vegas, United States, focuses on close air support (CAS) and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) training. The company operates a large fleet of light attack aircraft including North American Rockwell OV-10 Bronco, Pilatus PC-9, BAC Strikemaster and A-90 Raider.  

“The business combination is a perfect fit as Top Aces and Blue Air are tightly aligned in culture and mission. Through this partnership, we look forward to deepening our relationship with our customers and demonstrating the value of a one-stop solution for the most comprehensive, realistic and cost-effective training available,” the president of Top Aces Russ Quinn is quoted in a joint press release.  

According to the release, the companies will continue to provide their services under separate names, however, the customers of one company will have an access to the full spectrum of services of both firms. 

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