Air France Boeing 777 approach mishap: aircraft problem ruled out?

Leonard Zhukovsky /

Boeing reportedly told Air France that no technical issue was found on the 777 involved in a serious incident on April 5, 2022, according to La Tribune. 

The Boeing 777-300ER registered F-GSQJ was carrying out flight AF011 from New York-JFK to Paris-CDG. The flight had entered the final approach to runway 26L when the pilots reported to the air traffic controller that the aircraft was seemingly unresponsive to the crew’s input and was uncontrollably veering left.  In ATC audio published online, one of the pilots explained that the aircraft “was out of control.” 

The French daily La Tribune claimed to have had access to preliminary information sent by the manufacturer to France’s flag carrier which indicates there was no technical problem with the aircraft. 

According to the content of the quick access recorder (QAR) which compiles flight data, the 777 did not encounter any flight control malfunction. Boeing stated that “the reference aircraft responded appropriately to the commands of the flight crew.” Additionally, the take-off/go-around (TO/GA) switch was reportedly activated four times. 

The French Bureau of Enquiry and Analysis for Civil Aviation Safety (BEA), which opened an investigation into what is being treated as a serious incident, responded that the flight data was still being analyzed. “A communication will be made when we have a global understanding of the event,” it said in a tweet

Aircraft accident and incident reports usually take months to compile while investigators examine the various sources available, such as the full flight data recorder parameters and the cockpit voice recorder. 


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