Dublin Airport received 12,272 noise complaints in 2021 from just one person

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Dublin Airport (DUB) received a total of 13,569 noise complaints in 2021, with 12,272 made by just one person. 

According to local media, reports from the individual accounted for 90% of complaints received by the airport operator, Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), about aircraft noise due to take-off and landing at DUB.

The same individual, who is believed to be residing in Ongar located in north-west Dublin, made 6,227 complaints in 2020. Prior to that, Dublin Airport was receiving an average of 1,500 noise complaints each year.

As international borders opened in early 2022, the same individual is reported to have already filed a total of 5,276 complaints for the first three months of 2022.

A representative from DAA told AeroTime in an emailed statement that “Dublin Airport is committed to working with the industry and other stakeholders to minimize the impact of noise on our neighbors and adjoining communities. DAA responds to each individual complainant regarding their complaint.” 

DAA also added that it has introduced an online tracking device called WebTrak system, which enables local communities to access flight paths and noise levels of aircraft using the airport. 

The system provides information on flight origin, destination, aircraft type, flight path and noise level registered on the airport’s noise monitoring terminals. DAA said that it also provides an additional simplified way for members of the public to submit noise complaints.

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