Airbus vs Boeing: orders and deliveries in April 2022 | Data

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Airbus and Boeing have announced their aircraft orders and deliveries data for April 2022. So, which aircraft manufacturers had the upper hand? 

Airbus delivered a total of 48 aircraft in April 2022, 13 more than Boeing. 


Airbus’ deliveries were made up of four Airbus A220-300s, 20 Airbus A230neos, 17 Airbus A321neos, one Airbus A330-300, one Airbus A330-900, three Airbus A350-900s, and two Airbus A350-1000s. 

Meanwhile, Boeing delivered a total of 35 aircraft, comprising 28 Boeing 737 MAXs, three Boeing 777-300ERs, two Boeing 767-2Cs, and one Boeing 747-8 freighter.  

Airbus clearly won more orders than Boeing in April 2022, accumulating a total of 98 aircraft, while Boeing received just 46 orders. 


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