Production date for Russia’s Sukhoi Checkmate delayed until 2027


The serial production of the Sukhoi Checkmate, Russia’s second fifth-generation fighter jet also known as the Su-75, has been delayed until 2027. 

The news was announced by the CEO of Russian state conglomerate Rostec, Sergei Chemezov during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 18, 2022. 

During a conversation with Putin, published by the presidential administration, Chemezov explained that the design process of the jet is currently ongoing, and the first prototype has already been built.  

The jet was unveiled at Moscow Airshow in July 2021. During the unveiling, Chemezov said that production will begin in 2025, with the first deliveries slated for 2026.  

The conversation also revealed that negotiations regarding both foreign and domestic sales of the aircraft are still ongoing. 

“We are building this aircraft with our own money, without using the funds from the budget. We hope that maybe the Defense ministry will mature and also buy this aircraft,” Chemezov said. However, he did not explain the reasons behind the delay. 

While the Checkmate has primarily targeted export customers, the company announced during the unveiling that negotiations regarding domestic purchases for the Russian Air Force are ongoing.   

No export customers for the jet have been announced and, although the publicity campaign included numerous statements about interest from foreign buyers, there have been no official announcements or independent confirmations in this regard. 

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