Brazil wants to cut Embraer KC-390 order further to 15 aircraft: report

Jason Wells /

Brazil is planning to reduce its order for KC-390 transport aircraft over budget uncertainties, according to a report in O Globo citing an Air Force official.  

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has decided to cut the order to 15 aircraft, down from 22, Lieutenant Brigadier General Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior told the paper.  

“We can’t afford it in the short-term,” O Globo quoted the Lieutenant-Brigadier General as saying.  

The Brazilian Air Force had previously tried to cut the order to 15 aircraft, down from an initial 28, but reached a deal with Embraer in February 2022 to slim the order to 22 aircraft and space deliveries over a longer period of time.  

In response, Embraer told Reuters it had a contract with the FAB for 22 aircraft.   

The KC-390 is a multi-mission aircraft, which can provide humanitarian support, medical evacuation, search and rescue, troop and cargo transport, as well as aerial refueling.  

The FAB currently has five KC-390s in operation and has been using them to help transport medical equipment and supplies across the country in the fight against COVID-19.   

Embraer also has orders for five of the transport aircraft from Portugal and two from Hungary.  

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