Spain’s Iberia unveils new uniforms for flight attendants


Spanish carrier Iberia has unveiled new uniforms for flight attendants and ground staff. Around 7,000 Iberia employees will wear the Teresa Helbig-designed uniforms from June 2022.  

According to the airline, the new uniforms are the culmination of the airline’s rebranding process, which began in 2013. The uniform collection boasts 20 garments, including dresses, skirts, trousers, coats, and accessories such as scarves, ties, bags, and gloves. 

Image: Iberia

“We have created this proposal out of emotion, because flying and designing are very similar: both try to materialize dreams. We did not conceive of these pieces as mere uniforms, but as garments that, in addition to being comfortable and functional, are flattering, and can maintain their style and elegance over the years”, Teresa Helbig said.  

The new uniform consists of navy blue, fawn, red, and yellow colors.  

Gemma Juncá, Iberia’s Brand & Marketing Manager, said: “The new uniform is a key part of our brand, a sign of identity that reinforces our commitment to fashion and to the values of Spanish culture.” 

Image: Iberia

Image: Iberia

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