Bidens evacuated after aircraft enters restricted airspace near beach home

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US President Joseph Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were briefly evacuated and taken to a secure location after a private aircraft mistakenly entered restricted airspace near the presidential couple’s beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on June 5, 2022.

The White House said there was no threat to the president or his family, and that precautionary measures had been taken. After the situation was assessed, the Bidnes returned to their beach home. 

The US Secret Service said in a statement that the aircraft was immediately escorted from the restricted airspace. 

A local independent reporter in the DC area shared developments on Twitter as they occurred.

According to Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi, a preliminary investigation has revealed that the pilot was not on the proper radio channel and was not following the Notice to Airmen (NOTAM). 

Guglielmi also added that the Secret Service will be interviewing the pilot. 

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