Aeroflot to tighten control over toilet paper consumption

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A memo has been leaked detailing new measures of handling toilet paper rolls on Aeroflot flights to Turkey.  

The memo was first published by Russian Telegram channel Baza. In the document the country’s flag carrier informs cabin crews that new toilet paper rolls, paper towels and wipes must be distributed to aircraft lavatories only after old ones have already been used.  

Spare toilet paper, towels and wipes can no longer be stored in lavatories, the memo instructs.  

After landing products remaining on the aircraft must be re-counted, and their packaging should be inspected for damage. 

The person responsible then has to place toilet paper, towels and wipes into a special container, seal it and mark it with the date of the flight.  

The memo is marked “not for distribution”, with a special paragraph stating that leaking the document to the public is illegal. 

According to the document, the special measures are part of “a testing regime” and currently apply only to return flights from Antalya (AYT) and Istanbul (IST). 

According to Baza, previously the consumption and handling of toilet paper has not been controlled at Aeroflot.  


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