SAS pilot strike postponed for the second time

Robert Buchel / Shutterstock

SAS pilot’s unions, together with the company’s mediators, agree to postpone the strike for the second time. 

The strike was postponed until July 4, 12.01 PM CET (11:01 GMT), SAS press release informs. 

This is the second time the strike is being postponed as the negotiations between the pilots and the company continue. 

The strike was initially planned to start on June 29, 2022, before being pushed back to July 2 to give the sides additional time for negotiation. 

The strike is expected to cause significant flight disruptions that would only deepen what has been described as ‘travel chaos’ across Europe. 

SAS pilots say they are protesting job cuts that are expected following the company’s restructuring effort. 

Negotiations between the pilots’ unions and the company continued for several weeks with no resolution in sight. 

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