Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport avoids protesting farmers’ fury

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) managed to avoid flight disruptions after becoming one of the focal points during a protest organized by Dutch farmers. 

The farmers, protesting the government’s plan to impose new emissions standards, started blocking the roads around AMS with heavy equipment. Minor clashes with police have also been reported by local press. 

It has been reported that the farmers planned to enter the airport’s premises and block the runway in a move the protesters described as “shutting down the country”. Both AMS and the Dutch national airline KLM warned travelers about possible flight disruptions. 

Some of the country’s other airports, including Eindhoven (EIN) and Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) also issued warning to passengers. GAE, which had already been blocked by protesters in June, called on the protesters to spare the airport, according to news website RTV. 

However, as of July 4, the farmers have not entered the premises of any airport, blocking road access instead.  

AMS avoided protest-related disruptions and flights are still going to plan, a spokesperson for the airport told Dutch news website There have also been no reports of disruption at any other airport. 

Numerous traffic jams across the country have been reported by local media, as the farmers blocked the roads and access to various infrastructure.  

The Royal Marechaussee, the Dutch military police, have been mobilized and armored equipment has reportedly been used to prevent the farmers from accessing and blocking certain roads, including those in the vicinity of AMS. 

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