Ryanair no longer axing Lauda’s Airbus A320 leases

Adomas Daunoravicius/ Shutterstock

Ryanair’s subsidiary Lauda Europe will not be switching to an all Boeing 737 fleet as previously indicated. Instead, the airline will extend the Airbus A320 leases for another four years from 2024 to 2028, Ryanair Group’s chief executive Michael O’Leary said at a conference in Vienna on July 13, 2022, Aviation Week reported. 

Ryanair Group is known to operate a uniform fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft. However, the carrier diversified and advocated a dual Boeing and Airbus fleet after acquiring the defunct Austrian carrier Lauda in 2018.  

Lauda Europe currently operates a total of 29 A320s. The rest of Ryanair Group’s subsidiaries operate more than 480 Boeing 737 aircraft.  

Ryanair had been looking at canceling the leases on all of the Airbus A320s operated by Lauda in favor of a Boeing fleet in 2020. 


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