airBaltic allows cabin crew to display tattoos


Latvian national airline airBaltic is now allowing cabin crew, pilots, and ground staff to display their tattoos and piercings, and has loosened the restrictions around hairstyles.  

“Until now we applied the same rule as the majority of airlines – tattoos were permitted only if they could be easily hidden underneath the standard crew uniform,” Alīna Aronberga, SVP Human Resources at airBaltic, said.

The carrier added that face, neck and offensive tattoos are still required to be covered while performing duties.

“Now we have significantly eased these rules, enabling our staff to demonstrate their own individuality through their tattoos, piercing and hairstyles if they choose so, while proudly wearing our stylish uniforms,” Aronberga added.  

For years, flight attendants have had to adhere to a strict dress code and appearance policy, including restrictions on tattoos. However, airlines across the globe are slowly introducing more flexible and relaxed policies.   

British carrier Virgin Atlantic announced in May that it will allow cabin crew to display tattoos on their arms, becoming the first British airline to relax restrictions on visible body art.    

Korean carrier Aero K has introduced gender-neutral uniforms for cabin crew. The airline presents itself as a progressive company that places fewer restrictions on the appearance of cabin crew, particularly for women.  


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