Fuselage of Russian-made SSJ New jet is delivered to Moscow for testing: TASS


The prototype fuselage of the first SSJ New jet, which was built by Russian aerospace manufacturer United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), was delivered to the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) near Zhukovsky International Airport (ZIA) in Moscow for testing.  

The fuselage has been constructed using entirely domestic components, a source close to  Russian state-owned defense conglomerate Rostec told TASS on July 28, 2022.

It will now undergo life cycle testing at TsAGI facilities in Moscow where engineers will need to compound the plane body with wings, a vertical fin and a horizontal stabilizer.  

The SSJ-New, which is the ‘Russified’ variant of the SSJ 100, features composite wing and indigenous avionics. The regional airliner is set to be powered by a new domestic high-bypass turbofan Aviadvigatel PD-8, based on the larger PD-14, which is currently under development.  

Both the PD-8 and the SSJ New have been under development for some time now. While it the was initially intended that the aircraft would be sold to Iran, the project has faced multiple delays. However, sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries following its invasion of Ukraine have accelerated the aircraft’s development.   

As part of the initial development plan, around 45% of the aircraft’s components were to be manufactured in Russia. But as much as 97% of the jet’s imported components were to be replaced by domestically manufactured parts. 

Serial production of the plane is scheduled to begin in 2023, with commercial deliveries expected to begin in 2024.  


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