More than 1,400 US flights canceled, 2,000 delayed due to severe thunderstorms

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More than 1,400 flights were canceled and a further 2,000 flights experienced delays due to severe thunderstorms in Texas, the United States.    

The bad weather, which also saw strong winds, large hailstones, and heavy rain, has continued to disrupt US airlines and airports across the country.  

The heavy rain impacted operations in Texas with American Airlines (A1G) (AAL) cancelling around 18% of its schedule, which is around 660 passenger flights due to depart or arrive at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) through August 10 and August 11, 2022, according to Reuters

Thunderstorms also impacted airlines and airports across New York, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Denver, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, as reported by ABC News. This resulted in delays of more than 2,000 flights, upending plans for thousands of passengers.  

August 11 marked the second day in a row where extreme weather conditions across the country led to major travel disruptions. 


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