Air New Zealand trolls Emirates over Gerry the Goose ad campaign similarities

Emirates recently launched a new campaign called ‘Fly Better’, where the airline introduced its latest ambassador to join the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Clarkson – Gerry the Goose.

The ad shows Gerry opting to ‘fly better’, taking a comfortable flight with Emirates rather than join the gaggle of geese in migration. 

WIth close to 2.5 million views on YouTube, the ad also caught the attention of Air New Zealand, who released an almost identical ad campaign in 2016 called ‘Better Way to Fly’.

Air New Zealand’s ad features Dave, a more talkative goose, that chose to fly Air New Zealand to travel to Los Angeles, rather than joining his family’s migration which takes 17 days.

The Kiwi airline did not miss the opportunity to call out Emirates, releasing a short video clip of Dave saying he’s glad his pal Gerry followed his advice to take a flight, except that Gerry took the wrong airline.

“Gerry ya goose, you got the wrong airline!” Air New Zealand playfully tweeted.

Emirates joined the banter, with Gerry saying, “Hear me out Dave, if you really want to fly, Emirates is the only way to go.”

It seems that there is no bad blood between the geese as Emirates has Air New Zealand listed as one of its partner airlines on its website.

Are you team Gerry or team Dave? Let us know!


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