Syria’s Aleppo airport out of service after being damaged in Israeli airstrike

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Syria’s Aleppo International Airport (ALP) has been left damaged and inoperable after Israel launched a missile attack on the airport on September 6, 2022, Syrian state media said.

It is the second reported attack in less than a week. The first strike, which occurred on August 31, 2022, caused “material damages” to the airport, according to state media.

The second missile attack was launched from the Mediterranean Sea, west of the coastal city of Latakia, at 20:16 pm local time, the Syrian ministry said in a statement.

Why does Israel attack Syria?

Israel has intensified strikes on Syrian airports to disrupt Tehran’s increasing use of aerial supply lines to deliver arms to allies in Syria and Lebanon, including Hezbollah, regional diplomatic and intelligence sources told Reuters.

Video footage of the damage at ALP was uploaded to Twitter, with many netizens condemning the lack of media coverage of the strike.

Israel also carried out airstrikes at Damascus International Airport (DAM) in June 2022. The airport was also put out of commission but resumed operations two weeks later.
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