Russian Su-25 crashes after takeoff: here’s what we know so far

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A Russian Air Force Su-25 attack aircraft has crashed shortly after taking off. 

Footage of the incident was shared on social media. The combat aircraft took off with another Su-25, both armed with rocket pods commonly used during ground support missions.  

Shortly after becoming airborne, the wingman followed its leader into a left turn. For an unknown reason, the aircraft then banked and crashed. No ejection can be seen. 

Nothing indicates that the Su-25 was shot down, meaning that its destruction was likely due to a technical fault or a pilot error. 

Where did the crash take place? 

The location of the crash has not been confirmed, although some reports claim the incident took place in an airbase located either in Crimea or in Millerovo, in the Russian oblast of Rostov that borders Ukraine.  

Several sources point at the similarities between the crash site and Millerovo’s runway, based on earlier pictures. 

No infrastructure is visible on the video except for two helicopters parked on soft ground. Additionally, the location resembles a light-yellow field of cut wheat. Thus, another hypothesis could be that the duo of aircraft was operating from an improvised advance airfield, possibly from an existing road. 

When did the crash take place? 

Once again, information around the date of the crash is scarce. However, a Russian videographer shared a picture claiming to show the car keys of the pilot involved in the crash. 

“These are Dani’s keys,” the caption reads. “Yesterday, his Su-25 lost control immediately after takeoff, and the plane crashed into the ground. Daniil died.” 

The picture was shared on September 12, 2022, meaning the crash would have taken place on September 11. A video included in the post, allegedly recorded from the cockpit of the crashed Su-25 aircraft, shows Millerovo air base, potentially confirming the location. 


According to the Oryx blog, which documents the loss of equipment during the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, this marks the 21st visually confirmed destruction of a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft in this conflict. 

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