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Airbus and Boeing, two of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, have revealed their orders and deliveries data for summer 2022. But which company dominated the market?  AeroTime takes a closer look at the figures. 

Airbus vs Boeing – deliveries 

Airbus and Boeing deliveries remained stagnant during the three months of summer 2022.  

But Airbus managed to gain the upper hand, with 145 aircraft delivered during the period. However, it is worth noting that Airbus’s best month was June, while the worst was August.  

Boeing, on the other hand, had a total of 112 aircraft deliveries during the summer period. The worst month for Boeing was July, with just 26 aircraft deliveries, while the best was June, with 51 aircraft deliveries. 

In August, Boeing deliveries significantly increased compared with July due to the resumption of 787 Dreamliner deliveries. 


Airbus vs Boeing – orders 

In terms of orders data, Airbus posted a significantly better performance than Boeing during the summer.  

Airbus has won a total of 479 aircraft orders. The sheer number of orders came from the Chinese market, with almost 300 orders from the country’s three largest carriers – Air China, China Southern, and China Eastern. 

Although the planemaker managed to rack up 401 orders in July, it did not win any orders in August. 

Meanwhile, Boeing has sold a total of 210 aircraft. The main order boost for the American aircraft manufacturer was Farnborough Airshow, which took place in July 2022. 


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