AeroTime teams with Chartbeat for real-time analytics to boost user experience

AeroTime Hub, a global multi-channel aviation digital hub providing news, events and digital services to the aviation world, has announced a new partnership with Chartbeat, a content intelligence platform for the world’s leading publishers. The partnership will help AeroTime Hub lead global aviation media outlets by implementing a dedicated real-time analytics tool for publishers.

“Currently being among the biggest global aviation media outlets in terms of monthly readers, we see a strong need for aviation media to up its game,” commented Mindaugas Gumauskas, CEO of AeroTime Hub. “Compared to other heavily digitalized sectors – digital general media, telecommunications, fintech, start-ups, and others – aviation is more conservative. Knowing this, our strategy is to innovate and bring best-in-class knowledge and tools into aviation media, this way initiating the change within. That is why we decided to partner with Chartbeat and bring in dedicated real-time analytics tailored specifically for publishers into the play. We expect rapid growth in the upcoming years and are investing in providing top-notch customer experience and engagement.”

Leading mainstream media newsrooms and entertainment platforms around the globe – The New York Times, The Telegraph, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Netflix, and more – are all keeping up with the latest analytical tools to help monitor and tailor content, so that the readers get what they truly enjoy. Jill Nicholson, CMO of Chartbeat, says that it should be the same across all media segments, including aviation news outlets.

“It’s crucial to be a leader in content intelligence – especially when technology and analytical tools are playing such a huge role in keeping readers interested and engaged with the content they engage with most. Such steps as employing more powerful tools to understand, measure, and build business value should be the backbone of any media outlet.”

The new partnership shines a spotlight on the need to implement real-time analytical tools across global aviation media outlets, highlighting the importance of user experience and reader engagement.

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