Airbus to auction parts of an A380 in mid-October


Airbus will hold a three-day auction to sell around 500 parts belonging to a scrapped Emirates Airbus A380 superjumbo aircraft. 

The auction will take place in Toulouse, France on October 13, 14, and 15, 2022. There is also a possibility to join the auction online. 

The auction items will include lamps, the bar, stairs, handrails, trolleys, seats, paddles, and more. Delivered in 2008, the Emirates A380, registered as A6-EDA, was retired in 2020 and scrapped in 2021.    

The money collected will be allocated to the Airbus Foundation, which supports disaster relief and emergency responders, and the AIRitage association, which collects inventory and preserves any document or object constituting a source of historical information about the aerospace industry.

Airbus had previously planned to hold the auction in June 2022. However, the date was pushed to October 2022.  

Remaining operators of the A380 

In total, only 15 airlines in the world operated the Airbus wide-body prior to the pandemic. The global COVID-19 crisis devastated the international air travel market, accelerating the A380’s retirement.  

Despite the heavy impact of the health crisis, some airlines, including Emirates, British Airways, Qantas, Singapore Airlines (SIA1) (SINGY), Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Qatar Airways, and China Southern Airlines (ZNH) continue to fly the A380. 

The world’s largest A380 operator, Emirates, said it will continue to fly the A380 until the mid-2030s. According to a FlightGlobal report, Emirates President Tim Clark said the airline industry will need larger jets just like the updated A380 in order to accommodate rising demand.  

In December 2021, Emirates took the final delivery of the A380, bringing the entire double-decker jet program to an end.  


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