Wisk shows off the new self-flying air taxi that it wants to bring to market

Wisk Aero LLC

Wisk Aero has unveiled the latest version of its self-flying electric air taxi, saying this is the aircraft which the Boeing-backed company hopes to get certified and bring to market. 

The sixth-generation electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft carries four passengers and their baggage and can fly at an altitude of 2500-4000 feet above the ground. It features 12 tilting propellers and can cruise at 120 knots.  

Wisk, which has carried out over 1600 test flights with its fleet, highlights that it wants its flying taxi to be for everyone, whether college students or business professionals. It has touted a price target of $3 per passenger, per mile. The company also says accessibility is key and that it is one of the few companies in the industry catering to such a wide demographic. 

“Generation 6 incorporates a number of accessibility features, from an entry and exit designed for individuals across the mobility spectrum, to user interfaces that seamlessly accommodate people living with hearing, vision, and other impairments.” 

Wisk Aero generation 6 aircraft interior

Interior of the Wisk eVTOL. Credit: Wisk Aero LLC

Unlike other flying taxi developers, Wisk is focusing solely on autonomous aircraft, which will be overseen by humans on the ground.  

Wisk says its Generation 6 represents the “first-ever candidate for type certification by the FAA of an autonomous eVTOL”. 

“This approach is core to the company’s overall strategy and is most importantly a critical element in bringing one of the safest systems to market in aviation. It is also the key to unlocking the scale and the full potential for the broader AAM industry.”    

Along with investment from Boeing, Wisk is also backed by Kitty Hawk, which has shut down its own flying taxi operations.   

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