Airbus vs Boeing: who took the lead in Q3 2022?

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Airbus and Boeing, two of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, have revealed their orders and deliveries data for Q3 2022. But who took the lead in the market? AeroTime takes a closer look at the figures.  

Airbus vs Boeing – aircraft orders 

According to its latest performance summary, Airbus has received a total of 414 aircraft orders. The European manufacturer signed purchase agreements for 401 jets in July 2022 and won another 13 orders in September.  

The company’s largest customers in terms of aircraft orders were mostly Chinese airlines, such as Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA)-based China Eastern Airlines (CIAH) (CEA), Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN)-based China Southern Airlines (ZNH), Chinese flag carrier Air China, and British low-cost carrier easyJet.  

Airbus orders and deliveries list indicates that China Eastern Airlines (CIAH) (CEA) ordered 100 planes, including 68 Airbus A321neos and 32 A320neos, while China Southern placed an order for 96 jets, consisting of 64 A321neos, 23 A320neos, and nine A319neo narrow-body aircraft. Air China ordered 64 jets, namely 50 A321neos, nine A320neos, and five A319neos.  

Meanwhile, US-based Boeing published significantly lower figures. The manufacturer managed to win a total of 256 aircraft orders – 130 were placed in July, 30 in August and 96 in September 2022.  

Unlike Airbus, which has acquired a large number of orders from the Chinese market, Boeing’s largest customers were US carrier Delta Air Lines, Canada’s WestJet Airlines, Doha-based airline Qatar Airways, and Taiwan’s China Airlines.  

Boeing has recorded the highest demand for its Boeing 737 MAX jets, the company’s Q3 figures indicate.  

Delta Air Lines placed a substantial order for 100 jets of the type. Meanwhile, WestJet ordered 42, and Qatar Airways signed a deal for 25 737 MAXs.  

Taiwan’s China Airlines ordered 16 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.  

Airbus vs Boeing – aircraft deliveries  

While deliveries for both Airbus and Boeing remained sluggish in the third quarter of 2022, Airbus posted slightly higher results. 

The European planemaker delivered 140 narrow-body and wide-body planes, with 46 jets received in July, 39 in August, and 55 in September.  

In comparison, Boeing managed to hand over a total of 112 jets, 26 of which were transferred to customers in July, 35 in August, and 51 in September.  

To date, Airbus has completed a total of 437 deliveries, while Boeing has made 328.  

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